An exploration of the eye and light


We were all very interested in the way the light interacts directly with people, so I, Zoë, have done some more research to further aid us in understanding our results.

The light waves are bent as they pass through the cornea and retina so that they are able to focus, and this is done in different ways depending on the intensity of the light.

We each took pictures of our eyes at different light intensities so that the dialation could be observed.


Here’s an example of one of our results measured in lux (illumination intensity):


No light – 3 lux

Normal light – 796 lux

Light intensity 1 – 52550

Light intensity 2 – 30 218


Through our photos we observed the dialation as the light grew more intense as it caused the iris to adjust so that the light could continue to be focused where it needed to be to create an accurate image. 

This is a photo of Manoj’s eye at Light Intensity 1:



This is a photo at Light Intensity 2:


It’s evident that there is a significant change in the dialation of the eye to adjust for the large change in light intensity.

It is the combination of both the nature of light frequency and the nature of the eye as Tabea explained, that the eye is able to function with light in the way that it does.


–       Zoë






My First Goodbyes

Tonight I’m saying goodbye to my sisters and dad, as they will be staying here in the UK and my mom and I are headed back home tomorrow to get me ready! It will be so strange being away from all of them for so long, but I think it won’t be as bad as I think. I’ll be able to call and skype and everything! I feel so overwhelmed with how much I have to do and all the goodbyes to come.

I’m excited to see my grandmother, the rest of my family and all my friends again! I will have four days with them and I will try to jam as much in as possible. I have a lot of shopping and A LOT of packing to do. But with everyday that passes, it’s a day closer to Pearson. I can’t wait for the 31st to come and to finally be there.

Pearson College

So in one week from today, I will be at Pearson!  There are 160 students and we are split into four houses, I am in Japan House. I will be sharing a room with three other girls from three different places and I can’t wait to meet them! I also have two house parents, Mark and Jeanie. Mark is a musician who helps with One World which is a huge concert put on by us which is made of song and dance as well as other creative pieces. Jeanie teaches English as well as Theory of Knowledge. I know Japan House will make a really great home, but I’m having a lot of trouble deciding what things will make it so! So far I’m definitely planning to bring a lot of pictures to put up everywhere.  I can’t wait to meet all those who will live there with me.

I’ve been talking with a lot of other students who will be in my year, it makes me more and more excited each time!  I can’t imagine all the wonderful people i’ll meet. I’m also really looking forward to all of my classes. I will be taking English, History, Math, Philosophy, Chemistry, French and Theory of Knowledge.

Everything about Pearson seems so incredible, I can’t believe I’ll be experiencing it all so soon!

“UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.”

Going to UWC

Applying to UWC was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The process of filling out the application was lengthy, but it forced me to organize myself, everything I’ve done and put into perspective who I was. The part I am most appreciative of however was the interview. Going in the only real advice I’d had was to be myself and maybe brush up on current affairs. At this point, I didn’t fully understand that be yourself was the best advice I, or anyone else, could have received. I left the interview and told my mom all about it and kept thinking over my answers again and again. Two days later I had received the call that I had been accepted and I don’t know if I have ever been more excited.

Now I am a month away from leaving my home to travel to Pearson College UWC. My  life will soon become full of many goodbyes and adjusting to a brand new world. I have lots of packing ahead of me and I am thinking constantly about everything I could possible need.  I feel an overwhelming sense of my whole future being ahead of me.  I cannot wait to meet so many people who are all so very wonderful and unique all in so many different ways. I do not yet know what this year will hold but I can’t wait to find out!